JanitorAI: How to Set Up Janitor AI & Alternatives

Janitor AI is an innovative chatbot that uses AI to have meaningful conversations with its users. It gives users a choice of characters and an interactive platform for making conversations that are as unique as they are creative.

Janitor AI goes beyond the usual chatbot experience by giving users a creative space where they can try out different ways to talk with AI-driven characters.

In this blog post, we will deep dive into what is Janitor AI, how to set up Janitor AI and Janitor AI alternatives.

What is Janitor AI

Janitor AI is an innovative chatbot that uses Artificial Intelligence to engage with users in meaningful ways. Providing a range of character choices, it offers an interactive platform where users can craft conversations that are as diverse as they are imaginative.

This unique tool allows for the creation of fictional chatbots, each endowed with distinct personalities and appearances. Whether you’re looking to engage in casual chatter or construct a more complex narrative, Janitor AI offers a versatile solution.

Janitor AI goes beyond the conventional chatbot experience, offering a creative playground for users to explore various conversational scenarios with AI-driven characters.

How Does Janitor AI Work

Janitor AI
Image Credit: Janitor AI

Janitor AI operates on the principles of Natural Language Processing (NLP), a specialized field within Artificial Intelligence that equips computers with the ability to comprehend human language. This enables Janitor AI to understand typical human queries and generate appropriate responses, streamlining tasks and making users’ workflows more efficient.

In addition to understanding and responding to queries, Janitor AI also performs various task-oriented functions. Whether you’re asking it to set up a routine or answer a specific question, the system uses its NLP capabilities to fulfill user needs effectively.

What sets Janitor AI apart is its versatile character options. Users can interact with various chatbots, each designed to emulate different personalities based on user preferences. These chatbots also utilize NLP to generate contextually relevant and engaging responses, offering a unique and interactive experience.

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How to Set Up Janitor AI

Below is the step by steps to set up Janitor AI in 6 steps.

Step 1: Create Your Janitor AI Account

The first step is to establish your Janitor AI profile. Go to the Janitor AI signup page, and input your personal information like name, email, and a password of your choice. Hit ‘Submit,’ and voila, you’re now a part of the Janitor AI community.

Step 2: Secure Your OpenAI API Key

To fully utilize Janitor AI, you’ll need an OpenAI API key. Head over to OpenAI’s official website, opt for ‘Register,’ and complete the required fields. Upon account creation, your API key will be issued.

Step 3: Integrate the API Key into Janitor AI

Now that you have your OpenAI API key, integrate it into Janitor AI. Navigate to the ‘Settings’ tab on the Janitor AI website and paste your API key into the designated field. This ensures a seamless link between Janitor AI and OpenAI.

Step 4: Customize Your Chatbot

Janitor AI’s standout feature is its customizability. You have the option to train the model using your own dataset, tailoring your chatbot’s behavior to your needs. This creates a unique and personalized interaction for you and your users.

Step 5: Start Chatting Away

With the setup complete, you’re now ready to chat with your personalized Janitor AI bot. Log in to your account, initiate a conversation, and experience the marvels of AI-powered communication.

Step 6: Evaluate and Tweak

As you interact with your chatbot, take note of its performance. Janitor AI offers features for ongoing customization, so don’t hesitate to make adjustments based on your observations. This ensures you’re always getting the best experience possible.

Is Janitor AI FREE to Use

Yes, Janitor AI is free to use for casual chats. However, in order to engage in conversations you will need to obtain an API key from either OpenAI or Kobold AI. OpenAI provides a free grant of $5. Kobold AI is free.

To use Janitor AI, you will need to create an account and then generate an API key. You can then use the API key to interact with Janitor AI through a variety of platforms, including the web, mobile, and desktop.

Janitor AI vs Kobold AI: What is the Difference

Janitor AI and Kobold AI serve different needs in the AI landscape, each with its own unique set of features. Janitor AI is primarily focused on providing a rich, conversational experience. It offers a variety of character options, allowing users to engage in dialogues that are as complex or straightforward as they wish.

Kobold AI, on the other hand, is an open-source initiative aimed at running AI models locally. Unlike Janitor AI, which is more conversation-oriented, Kobold AI is about giving users control over AI model execution. It is designed to be user-friendly and offers a client-server setup to facilitate this.

Another significant difference is in their user interaction models. Janitor AI is more of a plug-and-play service, where the focus is on the end-user experience. Kobold AI requires a bit more setup, as it involves running AI models on local hardware, making it more suitable for tech-savvy users or those with specific customization needs.

In terms of functionality, Janitor AI specializes in crafting fictional chatbots with distinct personalities, offering a unique blend of creativity and technology. Kobold AI is more utilitarian, focusing on running various AI models for different purposes, without the layer of character or narrative.

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Janitor AI Alternatives and Their Unique Offerings


1. ChatGPT: Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT is powered by the GPT-3 language model, similar to Janitor AI. It offers complex and nuanced conversations. The key advantage is that it’s free to use, making it a cost-effective alternative.

2. Replika: Designed to act as a personal AI companion, Replika offers conversation, creative content generation, and learning opportunities. It’s free but also has a premium version for more advanced features.

3. Chatfuel: Chatfuel is a chatbot builder primarily for websites and mobile apps. Leveraging Facebook’s AI chatbot engine, it creates realistic and interactive conversations. Basic features are free, with premium plans for added functionalities.

4. LaMDA: Developed by Google AI, LaMDA is a chatbot in the making with the promise of diverse applications. It’s not yet publicly available, but its release is highly anticipated.

5. NovelAI: Tailored for creative writing, NovelAI can also translate languages and provide informative answers to queries. It’s free for a limited number of prompts, with paid plans for unlimited use.

Choosing the right alternative depends on your specific needs and budget. For sophisticated language modeling, ChatGPT and LaMDA stand out. For specialized applications like creative writing, NovelAI and Replika are excellent choices.


Janitor AI revolutionizes the chatbot landscape by offering an interactive platform for diverse and imaginative conversations. Its ability to create fictional chatbots with unique personalities and appearances sets it apart, offering users a versatile tool for both casual and complex dialogues.

Operating on the backbone of Natural Language Processing, Janitor AI not only understands and responds to human language but also efficiently performs task-oriented functions. Its adaptability makes it a robust tool for streamlining workflows and fulfilling a wide range of user needs.

FAQ: How to Set Up Janitor AI

Q: What makes Janitor AI different from other chatbots?

A: Janitor AI stands out for its versatility, offering a range of character choices and allowing users to craft diverse and imaginative conversations.

Q: How does Janitor AI understand and respond to human language?

A: Janitor AI operates on Natural Language Processing (NLP), enabling it to understand typical human queries and generate appropriate, contextually relevant responses.

Q: What are the steps to set up Janitor AI?

A: To use Janitor AI, create an account, obtain an OpenAI API key, integrate the API, customize your chatbot, start chatting, and evaluate its performance.

Q: Is Janitor AI free to use?

A: Janitor AI is free for casual chats. For advanced features, you’ll need an API key from OpenAI or Kobold AI, which might have associated costs.

Q: How does Janitor AI compare to Kobold AI?

A: While Janitor AI focuses on conversational experiences and character-based chatbots, Kobold AI is more about running AI models locally and is suited for tech-savvy users.

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