Character AI Text Formatting: How to Do With Examples

Character AI is a platform for making chatbots that lets you make virtual characters based on real or made-up people and talk to them. It is powered by a large language model (LLM) that is trained on a huge set of text and code.

This lets Character AI respond to text messages like a person and take part in conversations.

In this blog post, we will look What is Character AI, how to do Character AI Text Formatting, and Character AI Traditional Narrative Approach

What is Character AI

Character AI is an advanced chatbot platform that uses a Large Language Model (LLM) to facilitate engaging and contextual conversations with virtual characters. Users can not only create their own characters, complete with unique names, appearances, and traits, but also interact with them in real-time, making the experience incredibly immersive.

The platform offers a range of features, from character customization to real-time chatting, and even the ability to share your creations. These features make Character AI applicable in various sectors like creative writing, role-playing, education, and mental well-being.

Though still in its developmental stages, Character AI holds promising potential as a versatile tool. Its capabilities extend beyond mere chat interactions to include educational and therapeutic applications, offering a multifaceted resource for users with diverse needs.

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What is Character AI Text Formatting

Character AI
Image Credit: Character AI

Character AI Text Formatting offers a simple yet effective way to enhance the visual appeal of your text. With special characters and symbols, you can easily make text bold, italic, or even underlined.

You’re not just limited to basic text styles; you can also experiment with different colors and fonts to give your text a unique flair.

Text formatting in Character AI provides a versatile toolkit for personalizing your conversations, adding an extra layer of engagement and creativity to your interactions.

Character AI Text Formatting: With Examples

With Character.AI, enhancing your dialogue is a breeze thanks to Markdown text styling. Here’s how you and your AI characters can use Markdown to bring emphasis and flair to your conversations.

1. Bold Text

To make your text stand out with bold formatting, simply enclose it in double asterisks (**).

Type **Bold Statement** to get: Bold Statement

2. Italics

For a softer emphasis, you can italicize your text. Just wrap your text in single asterisks (*).

Type *Gentle Emphasis* to get: Gentle Emphasis

3. Highlight

To highlight a specific part of the text, you’ll need to use backticks (`). This is useful for drawing attention to keywords.

Type `Highlight This` to get: Highlight This

4. Strikethrough

If you wish to cross out text, perhaps to show corrections or amendments, use tildes (~) on both ends of the text.

Type ~~Strike This~~ to get: Strike This

5. Headings

For creating headings, you use the hash symbol (#). The number of hash symbols you use determines the size of the heading. One hash for the largest heading and up to five hashes for the smallest.


  • Type # Big Heading to get:
  • Type ##### Small Heading to get:

And there you have it! With these simple Markdown tricks, you can make your Character.AI conversations more engaging and easier to read.

Character AI Traditional Narrative Approach

Character AI offers a traditional narrative approach that allows for rich storytelling. This is particularly useful for those who want to weave intricate dialogues and narratives. Let’s explore how you can use various symbols like quotation marks, asterisks, and hyphens to create your story.

Quotation Marks for Dialogue

To indicate spoken words, you can use quotation marks.

“Who’s there?” she whispered, looking around the dimly lit room.

Using Asterisks for Emphasis

You can use asterisks to add different types of emphasis in your narrative.

  • Double asterisks ( ** ): These make the text bold, useful for stressing specific dialogue or thoughts. Example:
    “I need to find it,” he thought.
  • Triple asterisks ( *** ): Text wrapped in triple asterisks is both bold and italicized, ideal for extra strong emphasis. Example:
    “This is crucial,” she yelled.
  • Four and Five asterisks ( ****, ***** ): These make the text extra bold and extra bold with italics, respectively. They serve mainly for visual emphasis. Example:
    Stop!” the officer commanded.
  • Hyphens for Actions and Thoughts: You can use hyphens in place of asterisks to describe actions or thoughts.
    Example: -He pondered for a moment before speaking.

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Character AI stands out as a cutting-edge chatbot platform, enabling deeply engaging interactions with user-created virtual characters. Its array of features, ranging from customization to real-time conversations, opens doors to various applications such as creative writing and education.

While still under development, the platform’s capabilities already reach beyond simple chatting, offering potential benefits in areas like mental health support and cultural education.

All in all, Character AI is shaping up to be a versatile asset, poised to serve a diverse user base with its multifunctional features and broad application scope.

FAQ: Character AI Text Formatting

Q: What is Character AI?

A: Character AI is an advanced chatbot platform that uses a Large Language Model to facilitate interactive, real-time conversations with user-created virtual characters.

Q: What sectors can Character AI be applied to?

A: Character AI is versatile, with applications ranging from creative writing and role-playing to education and mental well-being.

Q: What is Character AI Text Formatting?

A: Character AI Text Formatting allows you to use Markdown to add style to your text, like bold, italics, and even different colors and fonts.

Q: How does the Traditional Narrative Approach work in Character AI?

A: This feature allows you to use specific symbols and text styling to weave intricate dialogues and narratives, enhancing storytelling within the platform.

Q: Is Character AI still in development?

A: Yes, Character AI is still in its developmental stages but already offers a wide range of features, from real-time chatting to educational and therapeutic applications.

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